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Which Wood is Better: Ash, Maple, or Birch?

While most players will have their own personal preference, each species has its own characteristics and advantages that make it desirable.
Ash is more known for its trampoline effect where it will flex a bit more than maple at impact. With its porous grain structure, the ash swings a bit lighter as compared to maple. Ash has been around for years, and has stood the test of time. 
Maple is known for being a stronger, harder wood. The grain structure of maple is much tighter, which means is has less flex than ash, giving that harder feel. Of recent past, maple has been the more popular wood choice.
Birch is kind of the best of both worlds when considering ash and maple. Birch flexes like ash, so you still get that trampoline effect, without worrying about eventual flaking. Like maple, it is very durable so it is ideal in that sense as well. Birch does take a bit of "breaking in", but we bone our birch bats a bit extra to speed that process up for you!

How Long Will My Order Take? 

The normal lead time is around 2-3 weeks, although that can vary depending on order volumes. Shipping time is an extra 3-5 days on top of that.

What is the MLB Ink Dot?

The MLB Ink Dot is applied to all maple and birch bats. This ink dot was mandated in 2009 to be applied to all bats used in MLB play. The ink follows the capillaries of the wood, and shows the straightness of the grain. Basically, it is there to show you that your bat is made with high-quality lumber! While WOW Bats are not yet used in the MLB, our standards are that of MLB quality!

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