Adult 110 Model

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Step up to the plate with confidence using our Adult 110 Model Baseball Bat, designed for hitters seeking the perfect balance and control:

  • Knob: Features a slight flare for a comfortable grip and enhanced control.
  • Handle: A 31/32" diameter providing a steady, comfortable hold.
  • Barrel: A well-sized 2.45" barrel, ideal for precision hitting.
  • Taper: Long taper design for a balanced feel, promoting consistent swing mechanics.

This bat is a top choice for diverse hitters, especially those who prioritize bat control and aim for gap-to-gap hitting. Its robust construction and thoughtful design make the 110 Model exceptionally durable and reliable. Perfect for players at any level, this bat and all of our bats are crafted from high-quality wood, ensuring top-notch performance and longevity.


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